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What is meant by Alexa Rank?



Alexa is the free toolbar and is introduced by amazon. It provides the users free toolbar with some web tools in the browser. Surprisingly, the toolbar has become popular and has been downloaded millions of times on the website.

It is used by millions of websites and simply shows the popularity of some particular website. Many bloggers and webmasters use this Alexa toolbar, to get the idea about the popularity of their websites as well as ideas about the related websites.

It provides information about a particular website for the last three months and also shows the review periodically as you can get the information by some specific time.


What is the importance of Alexa rank?


The significance of the Alexa rank depends on the two things, the number of websites on the Alexa toolbar, and the satisfaction of any blogger or websites regarding your website.


The very first thing is, the users and websites are registered on If a million of the websites use the Alexa rank checker tool, it will have more chances that your websites compare with the many websites and then you can plot an idea about your website popularity.

 All the users of your website's first recognized by the Alexa and then it becomes public by the Alexa. However, it provided you the ll required information about your websites and the related websites.


The other thing is, it plays an important role in the satisfaction of yours regarding your website. As Alexa    provides the information about how the web page or blog is famous by estimating its number of users.


Since, being a webmaster, blogger and web administrator, you can make a decision, are you achieving you competition?


<2>How is the Alexa rank Reliable?


If we are talking about the reliability of the Alexa, then you must know it totally depends on the number of the users and the representative of the users. Unfortunately, there is still a question mark on “reliability of the Alexa” but there are few things which enhance and make it reliable.


The foremost reason for this question is the different users but with no proper identity. For example, if there is a user from south Korea, it may show the mention of another region.

 However, it is obvious that it is not reliable in much sense but it also gives you benefits and you can estimate the number of users, even based on everyday usage.


How Does The Alexa Rank Checker Tool Work?


Before using the Alexa rank checker tool, you must know about how the Alexa rank works.

 The first main thing is, the alexa site rank checker does not provide the statistics from all over the internet.

For that you must have to download and then install the Alexa toolbar, then it provides the information to the website Alexa rank. This tool is compatible with google chrome, internet explorer and Firefox.


What is Alexa Rank Checker Tool?


Alexa Rank Checker Tool is the free online tool to check or estimate the world Alexa rank for your website. Although it is exceptionally important for the websites that use the Alexa toolbar, they should use this tool and it gives the highly correct information for the particular website.


It assists you to improve the performance of search engine optimization. However, it provides you with fast and quick results. You can get information upto five websites within seconds.


Why  a small seo tools Alexa Rank Checker  is best?


Our Alexa analytics or Alexa checker is the top most reliable tool. It is well designed and really helps out the webmaster or web engineer to get a clear idea about what his website actually is?


There is some important information that our A Small SEO Tools Alexa rank checker provides. It provides the information that includes global analytics, information about the arriving people from where and when, shows the country where your site is highest ranked, as well as tells how you can improve the ranking of your site.


What are some most effective websites for alexa ranking?


Being a webmaster or webenginer, it is compulsory for you have an idea about the websites who are more effective for alexa rank and there are few in the following:


  • Yahoo
  • Wikipedia
  • Youtube
  • Com
  • Windows live
  • amazon


How to use our asmallSEOtools Alexa Rank Checker Tool?


Fortunately, we provide the most user friendly interface as well as there are few easy steps that you must follow for using a small seo tools Alexa analytic:


  1. First, you must be on the page (, where you are already.
  2. Enter the url of your particular website.
  3. Press the submit button and with the blink of an eye, you get the information.

Top 5 Best  Alexa Rank Checker Tool:


  1. Alexa Rank Checker Tool : is one of the top used Alexa checkers by bloggers and webmasters. The best thing is that it is totally free with enhanced features. We highly recommend for checking the Alexa rank for your website.


  1. Rankwatc Alexa Rank Checker Tool:  Rankwatch is another website that has simple and super easy checkers for alexa rank. It comes with both free and the paid version. It costs the best package $99/month.


  1. SmallSEOTools Alexa Rank Checker Tool:  SmallSEOTools is getting exceptionally important, if we are talking about the SEO tools. It provides the other best alexa rank checker. It is almost free but if you want enhanced features then you should have to pay for it.


  1. theSEOtools Alexa Rank Checker Tool:  theSEOtools also have good alexa rank checkers. It proved to be on our list by its super exciting results and features as well as its totally free tool.


  1. Duplichecker Alexa Rank Checker Tool:  The last but not the least tool by Duplichecker has been becoming famous among new bloggers for its user-friendly environment. It is almost free.


The final words are, for being a webmaster. Bloggers, web engineers and web administrators must have alexa toolbar first, and then regularly check the alexa rank with the online checker for the better performance because it really helps in SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

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