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What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the extremely important links for any of the websites that want to rank their website by the search engines. They are sometimes called upcoming links from other particular websites. Backlinks are links that connect your websites with other websites.

It is a really common thing for the backlinks, that the more you have the backlinks, the more you have the chances to improve your SERP. It plays an important role in improving the SERP (Search Engine Result pages).


When you have the important backlinks with your website then, it increases the chances that research engines can crawl on your website and SERP along with the web pages of your website. Mostly, it plays a role like a vote for any of the websites.


How are backlinks important for SEO?


If you are the webmaster or web blogger, and want that your site should be ranked on the top.


Just keep quiet and generate the quality backlinks for your website by reaching out to the page.


Now, the main thing is to know how the backlinks improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website?


The answer is super exciting and simple. As being the webmaster, blogger or marketers, it is obvious that SERPs totally depend on the strong SEO of any of the websites. Generally, there are many factors that make a strong SEO for a website like keywords, sitemaps etc.

  Backlinks are one of the factors that have a major role in making the SEO strong for the website. However, you can easily make or generate the backlinks of your website. The utmost thing to remember is the Performance of SERP depends on both the quantity as well as on quantity of the backlinks.


What is a free backlink checker tool?

As the backlink generator is the online tool to make or generate the strong incoming links for your website. Then, there is another tool called backlink checker which is used to analyze the backlinks. It analyzes the quality of the backlink generator which your website has. It is also used to help you out about the analytics of your competitive website.


What is the purpose of a backlink checker tool?


Hence, it is obvious, backlinks or incoming links are the utmost part of the SEO and you don’t ignore the importance of backlinks. Even, the backlinks alone can improve your SERP for your website. Although, the quality and quantity of the backlinks both matters. Since, we can neglect the importance, if the webmasters or bloggers compromise on the quality of the backlinks.


For this thing, a backlink checker has come. It shows the quality of your backlinks. Remember, you cannot compromise on the quality of the backlinks for your websites. 


So, the ultimate and utmost purpose of the backlink check tool is to provide the all necessary information regarding backlinks, you are using for your website.


How can you better utilize a backlink checker tool?


Backlink checker tool provides you with the detailed information or report, that is the quality of the backlinks that you are using for your website.  You can utilize or get advantages from this report in following steps:


  • The foremost advantage of the detailed report or information is that it helps your website to have a better backlink profile. You can update your backlinks better if you will get to know which backlinks are important as well as which backlinks need to be updated.
  • The other important benefit is, it assists to generate the best quality backlinks which in result, make the SEO for your website strong.
  • This report also helps you to build better relationships with other famous websites. It provides your websites more chances to be upgraded.
  • With that report, webmasters or bloggers are able to get and recover the broken or lost backlinks for your websites.


Why do  a smallseotools Backlink Checker tool choose?


The foremost thing about our tool is that it is totally free along with a simple and easy interface. You should use our tool because it gives you the detailed information or shows you the detailed analytics of the backlinks that you are using for your website.


Here are some benefits you can get by using our a smallseotools backlink checker tool:

  • It provides you with a detailed report.
  • You can be able to analyze and find out the better backlinks for your websites
  • It shows the report about the information of important lost or broken backlinks.
  • It makes better relationships with other important and famous websites.


These are the pros, if you will use our tool.

How to use  a small seo tools backlink Checker tool?


It is a very simple thing to use our backlink generator. You just follow the three steps:


  1. Go to the page (
  2. Enter the URL.
  3. Press on the button “submit”.
  4. After a few moments, it shows the analytics of the backlink of a particular website.


Top 4 Best Backlink Checker Tool:


There are some few other best backlink checkers tools in the following:


  1. LinkMiner Backlink Checker Tool: It is the top famous backlink checker tool. The important thing is, you have a mangools account first before you can use this backlink checker tool. It gives the trial offer for 10 days for users and after costs $29/month.


  1. Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool: It is a very easy tool and really ranked on the top by the google. It provides you with an authentic detailed report, and it is the main feature of it. It provides a trial for 7 days for $7 and then it charges $99/month.


  1. SEMRUSH Backlink Checker Tool: it is one of the best backlink checker tool. It provides a clean and easy environment. It costs $99.9/month.


  1. UberSuggest Backlink Checker Tool:  Ubersuggest is the tool introduced by Neil Patel. The most interesting thing, it is free with limited features but good for the small sites. Otherwise, it charges $29/month.

However, the final words are, if you use a backlink generator, then it is a must to use a backlink checker tool too.

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