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What is Domain Age?



Domain age is the age of domain existence on the internet. It is one of the most common factors of search engine optimization as well as the utmost important factor for the google ranking. The most important thing about the domain age is that the older of the domain age has the more expected chances of the results.


This is because the long domain age builds a great connection with the users as well as google algorithms.


What is the importance of the Domain Age?


The importance of the domain age really matters a lot for a website. Since there are several ranking factors by the google, and domain age is one of them and utmost important for the ranking of your website on the google search results. The simple word for it is that how the domain is around extremely matters.


Hence, the most important thing about the domain age is that it is not really important to how long you have purchased the domain, actually it is important to know that when google indexed it.


What is a Domain Age Checker Tool?


Domain age checker is the online tool which is used to help you check out the age of your domain from when it is registered on the internet till the present time. It is the most essential factor in the google ranking. Hence it is an online tool and tells you the accurate age of your domain.


 It is a fact that it is extremely important to know the age of your domain for the better ranking of your website. For this purpose, the domain age checker is introduced.




What are the reasons to check the domain age of your website?


As you know, domain age is really important for search engine optimization. So here we have some important reasons for the domain age in the following:


  1. With the domain age checker, you have the definite sense that domain matters in the search engine optimization.
  2. With using the domain age checker, you will have a clear idea of how much traffic influences and how much traffic needs to be ranked.
  3. With knowing the domain age, you will have a proper sense about the reputation of the domain.
  4. With knowing the domain age, you will also have a clear idea about how the domain name is effectively bad.
  5. With knowing the domain name, you will be able to know the size of the backlinks.



Does Domain Age have an impact on the SEO of your website?


If you are webmasters and web engineers and talking about the impact of the domain age on search engine optimization then the straightforward answer is Yes it has a great impact on the SEO of your website.


You can easily get the required information such as size of backlinks, good or bad domain name, and the reputation of the domain. With this information you can be able to rank your website on the google rank.




Why  ASmallSEOTools Domain Age Checker Tool is Best?


 A Small SEO Tools is best and perfect for their users because it is created with the special method to provide accurate information to their users. The best part of our tool is that it is totally free available for all their users. It shows the following things:


  • Domain Name
  • Domain Age
  • Domain Created Date
  • Domain Updated Date
  • Domain Expiry Date



How to use Domain Age Checker tool?


Fortunately, A Small SEO Tools provides you with the perfect, easy interface. You just have to follow the simple steps in the following:


  • Reach out the page(
  • Enter the domain name of the particular website.
  • After that, Press the submit button and within a few seconds you will be able to check your domain age.




Top 5 Best Domain Age checker Tools:


Hence it is obviously that our tool is utmost perfect for the websmasters and webenggineers but we have some other ranked tools by the google in the following:


  1. SmallSEOtools Domain Age Checker:  Website Age Checker is the top most ranked tool by the google. It has a simple and easy interface as well as a user friendly interface. The best thing about it is that you can almost use it freely. We greatly recommend SmallSEOTools domain age lookup.


  1. Duplichecker Domain Age Checker: The next one in the list is site age checker by the Duplichecker. This domain age lookup tool also provides an easy interface to their users. The most beautiful thing about this website age checker tool is that it guides the users with great information about the particular tool.


Hence it is freely available but it also provides their users the paid version with extraordinary features.


  1. Websiteseochecker Domain Age Checker:  Websiteseochecker is another popular checker for the webmasters and web engineers. It allows users to enter one domain name or url at one time. It assures their users to provide the accurate results to their user as it is totally free to use. We recommend this websiteseochecker domain age finder to the users.


  1. Domain Age Checker: is another famous website age checker and getting ranked by the google rank due to it’s accurate and efficient results. It is an extremely easy tool checker. You just have to enter the domain name or url of the domain and the result comes within a few seconds. We can say you must use this tool.


  1. Prepostseo domain age checker: The last but not the least is website age checker by the prepostseo. It also has a user-friendly interface as well as provides the user better guidelines for better working and understanding. Since it is almost free but it also has premium plans for their users with more features.


The final and last words are, if you are the webmasters and just want to not neglect any of the factors that have a big contribution in the SEO of your website then you must go for the domain age and improve the SEO of your website.