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About Domain Authority Checker


If you would like to appear on websites, perhaps to increase backlinks, how do you be able to determine the most reliable or reliable websites to target?

There are more than 1.8 billion web sites available online on the Internet.

There is an rating system! The most common name is "MOZ Domain Authority"

Every website is not equally. Some have more "respect and credibility" than other sites. There are some who are struggling to establish themselves. Some have been around for a long time, slowly increasing their reach. Some were only registered this year.

The disparity between websites leads to the necessity of a ratings system and it's known as (DA).


Site DA refers to a measure developed through] that gives an indication of its "strength" and the relevance of a site's content for an area of expertise or industry. It's a scale of logarithmic points, generally between zero and 100. It indicates the extent to which a site can appear in results pages of search engines (SERPs). The more points, the greater the site's DA.

Don't mix the name of the website authority(Domain Authority) with the authority of the page. They're different.

The Website DA informs us about the ranking potential of the entire domain , or web page, while the pages authority (PA) refers to the rank potential of a specific web page.

Both require tools to verify. This is why we created the domain authority tool to check for you.


Smart marketers constantly examine and enhance their site's authority to increase its the position of a leader and increase their rankings on search engine result webpages (SERPs). They keep an eye on the sites of their rivals DA to determine how they can make their decisions more strategically.

Domain Authority Checker by a smallseotools is the most well-known and popular free online tool to check for the Moz DA of sites. Our free DA Checker tool is fun to use and will give the exact DA of any site.

It is constructed using a highly robust technology and is able to quickly assess the quality of a particular URL as well as its likelihood to be highly ranked in search results. This is why it is the most reliable free domain authority test tool.

Complete guide for increasing the authority of your domain


Domain Authority Checker Tool by A SmallSEOTools has more impressive advantages and features than others DA Checker tools out there. But, you don't have to shell out a cent to make use of it.

Digital marketers can spend hundreds of dollars each year to verify their website Authority. Our tool is absolutely free.

It's quick, simple use and reliable. Many of the most famous brands on the Internet utilize our no-cost da Authority checker software often.

The great thing about the DA checking tool is the fact that it doesn't limit itself to showing an DA scores of the site. It will also show you the authority of the site's pages, Moz Rank & also through the results, you could find backlinks, domain ratings and also the seo score for the specific site that you have searched. It provides you with all the details you may be searching for across different platforms.

Additionally, we have provided our users who are searching for an application that can provide domain ratings for up to five websites at once. Just try Bulk Domain Rating Checker Tool. It's totally free, just like it was.


Utilizing our web-based authority checker is fairly simple. Just follow these easy steps:

In just a few seconds, our engine will deliver the results in a matter of seconds.

This website authority checker tool is more than providing you with just how many DAs are on your websites. It also provides you with the web authority for that domain as well as Moz rank.

The next section will show the different options which will bring you to more information i.e backlinks and backlinks as well as websites seo and domain score.


If you have checked the authority on your domain site or that of a competitor's what do be done with this information?

There are several methods to make use of this information:

  • Utilize it to establish the rank of your website in comparison to similar websites in your field
  • You can use it to determine whether your marketing efforts are making a difference.
  • Utilize it to see what your competitors are doing (see who's who within your industry!) so you're aware of how you can make your brand stand out to compete.
  • Use it to do a more effective SEO
  • Make use of it to discover authority websites in your area to find out which sites to visit for quality backlinks, using techniques such as guest blogging.


It is important to be aware of what is DA determined? There are more than 100 variables that Moz utilizes to determine an authority on domains of websites. Here are a few of them:

  • Referring root domains.
  • Amount of backlinks that point at the site.
  • The quality of the link.
  • Volume of the site (how many pages of content are contained within the website).
  • Domain name's age (that is when it first went live on Google but not at the point when the had been first registered).
  • The amount of social signals.
  • The quality of the content on the site overall.
  • Speed of website.
  • Moz trust (Moz trust is typically calculated by Moz and increases as time passes).


The best way to increase your website's DA is to concentrate on enhancing the elements which influence the DA in itself. As we've discussed previously.

First, you'll have to build high-quality backlinks. Backlinks from websites are similar to votes. The more votes a website gets in a given time, the greater the website's DA.

Pro Tips The best way to use HTML0 is using our tool for checking backlinks to check how your site's backlink profile is performing.

It's also been observed that the quality of content is among the elements that affect DA. To improve the web credibility score of your website You must be focusing on providing quality content that is useful and unique. It should also be of high quality.

In essence, you must work to improve ALL the aspects mentioned above.

Next step: Reload the browser and type in the URL of the authoritative domain you'd prefer examine.

How can we increase Moz authoritativeness in domains?

I have always said to produce high-quality content and then move into social media in order to get the most people. This way, people are likely to start linking to our site. A third web link works similar to a recommendation that, and any more "recommendations" are more authoritative. Of of course the more DA have websites that link to us, the higher the power to prevail, however when we only have a few links to authoritative websites were used, our standing could be weakened.

Here you can utilize in bulk Domain authority checking The fastest and most precise tool for checking Moz authority of a page and domain.


How can you boost Your Domain Authority?

It is possible to increase the quality of your Domain Authority by improving the general SEO of your site. Prioritize your link profile, by acquiring more links from other websites which have also been well linked. We've compiled a list of guidelines to help you improve the quality of your Domain Authority:

  1. Make relevant links for your site

The quality and the quantity of links from other websites to your website can have an impact on your website. What you need is numerous high-quality websites hyperlink to your website. Look for ways for linking to other websites via other websites. For instance, using Wikipedia it is easy to establish an authoritative link to your site.


2. Eliminate both harmful incoming and outgoing links

Poorly-sourced links don't affect the performance of an organization like the Domain Authority, but it matters. Review your backlinks on the internet and attempt to find bad quality hyperlinks. There are a variety of tools to assist remove these hyperlinks. However external links can are a major influence. Link to quality, relevant websites and block the use of links to spam websites.


3. Make sure that you optimize your site

Utilize the sitemap and ensure you regularly update it. Optimize title and meta description tags, make use of proper headers, and do not use index tags to avoid indexing pages that are not needed. You can also focus on speedier loading times and this may mean you'll need to pick an easier host or eliminate specific widgets from your site.

4. Make your profile more social

Retweets, sharing and sharing of post on social platforms are looked at by Moz. Every link that goes via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as Google+ are considered to be an authority-based link and is beneficial to increase Your Domain Authority. In addition comments, clicks as well as clicks to "Find-I-like" are useful.

5. You must pay well prior to the purchase of your domain

Don't put off paying to purchase your domain. This means that your website may not be secure if you delay payment until the end of the month. Additionally, you don't wish for customers to go to your website only to be informed that the domain's registration is no longer valid. Spend a good amount of time and money in advance and this should never be an issue. Additionally, a more mature domain name is more reliable and boosts the activity of the Domain.

In the end your content on your website will have the biggest influence to your Domain Authority. Be careful with your content and link carefully and take your time. Utilizing the suggestions we've given you to follow, you Domain Authority will be able to grow. It may not happen tomorrow however, keep at it, and you'll be able to see the increase in the Measure Domain Authority