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What is the domain?


Domain name is the address or name of the website. It can be said that it is the address of the website because most of the beginners get confused with this domain name. More simply, the internet is a huge network that is spread worldwide and all the computers or nodes are connected to the internet for the purposes of communication.


Then, it is really required for the internet services providers to assign the unique addresses to each of the computer that is connected to the worldwide network or internet.


Mostly the addresses are provided to the computers as IP addresses but the important thing is that it makes it difficult for the users to remember the IP address such as IP address looks like “” and it is tough for the users to remember the IP address.


 So, then the domain name was introduced to resolve the problem of remembering the IP addresses. The domain name is just the name of your website. You can easily type the domain name of a particular website and access the home page of that website.


For example, the IP address of google is “ the domain name is This is the reason that domain name is an easy way to access the website.


What is an IP address?


IP address is the address that is used to identify the computer system on the internet. It is the address just as you have the address of your house.  It is also able to make your communication possible over the internet.


It is the collection or set of numbers that identifies the system uniquely over the internet.  Hence it also identifies the location and device, whereas it is not enough that the IP address is used.  It is also really important for domain hosting.  IP address is the set of four numbers that are separated by the “,”.


 Each set period lies between 0 to 255 for example “”. If you are looking for how the IP addresses are generated or assigned then you must know that IP addresses are not assigned to them randomly. In fact, they are assigned by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority(IANA). It is the American organization and mathematically assigns and allocates the IP addresses.


However, it is without any doubt that every domain has an IP address. It is important to know the IP address of the domain and most of the time, it becomes very hard to find out the IP address of any domain. But do not worry, with the help of our Domain to IP converter you can easily and fastly find the IP of any domain.


What is the importance of IP addresses?


IP addresses are the utmost crucial for any of the domain, website and system. If you think that your personal identification is really important to you then you have to understand that IP address is as important for you as your own Identification is important. It makes sure you own security and provides you many benefits over the internet.


However, it is also really important for you as the keys of your home are important to means without IP address you cannot enter in the network. In other words, it is as important for your system as showing your home on google map.


Why do we use Asmallseotools or How to find domain to IP?


Although, there are many ways that you can get the IP address of your domain. Such as with the ping and tracer command you can find the IP address of your domain, but the fact is that it cannot provide you more information except the IP address of the domain but you can easily find the IP address of any domain with some extra details with Asmallseotools.


It not only provides you the information about the IP address of your domain but also shows the country of the domain as well as shows the name of the internet service provider. It is really necessary to know about the internet service provider of your domain.


Most of the domain has the internet service provider the United States and that is why the United States provides the inexpensive domain and also, they are best in their usage.


How to use A Small SEO Tools Domain to IP?


Our tool domain to IP converter is easy to use and a simple environment. The best thing about our tool is that it provides their users with the proper guidelines about the tool and it is totally free for the users. To use our tool follow these simple steps in the following:


  1. In the very first, go to the page (
  2. After entering the name or URL of your website, who do you want to check the IP address for?
  3. Click on the submit button and within seconds, you will know the domain name, IP address, country name and internet service provider.


Top 5 Best Domain to IP Converter Tools:


Here are top five best domain into IP converters in the following and it is ranked by the google.


  1. :  It is one of the best converters ranked by the google. It has a user-friendly environment and a really flexible tool. You can simply enter the domain name or URL in the given text box and get the required IP address. It is freely available on the internet.


  1. SmallSEOTools :  This is a famous website on the internet nowadays. The reason is that it provides many SEO tools to their users. The domain to IP converter by Small SEO Tools ranked second by the google. It is freely available by this website.


  1.  It is another excellent converter that is ranked by the google. It has an easy and simple interface. It is also a totally free tool.


  1. Rankwatch: Rankwatch is another popular website on the internet and the domain to IP converter tool is ranked on the fourth number by the google.


  1. Sitechecker domain to IP: The last but not the least tool is by It has a simple and easy interface and is completely freely available on the internet.


The last words are the domain name is really easy for the users to remember, enter in the search bar and get the home page of a particular website but along with the IP address plays an important role. So, Know the IP address along with the country name and ISP with the mentioned tools in the above.