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What is source code?

It is this source code that provides the code that runs through any website or program. When it comes to websites, the code can be seen with any tool including your browser. However, this can be somewhat difficult to view for Android and iOS phones.

For solving most issues that arise with websites it is necessary to study the source code. You can also look at any website's source code for educational reasons and observe how it functions. We advise you not to use the code to your own site without permission, unless specifically permitted because it may violate the developer's copyright or owner's copyright.

what is the Source Code of Webpage?

Have you ever thought about about what is happening in the background of an site and you've been wondering what source code is and why you're required to look it up. HTML code refers to the programming language that is used to create web pages.

 It is comprised of HTML tags. Although most of these tags aren't required however, some are mandatory and some are only there for aesthetics. The HTML tags that you can see on websites are the ones search engines use to determine.

To look at the source code of a website start a web browser and right-click on the page. Select "View Page Source" on the drop-down menu. In Firefox the menu is 'Tools' >  View Page Source. You can also make use of keys to access the source code.

 It will appear in an entirely new tab. This code is presented in HTML format, however you might want to include some HTML tags to make it appear more attractive.

Although it's not possible to access sources on smartphones, users are able to access it by pressing Ctrl+U. Chrome users can accomplish similar things by adding 'view-source ' to web addresses.

 To benefit from this function, users need to have an account on Chrome. It is also important to remember not to copy the code source of any site is not advised even if you're using it to be used for educational reasons.

The importance of the source code in SEO

The source code of a page is extremely useful when conducting search engine optimization also known as SEO. Search engines only view the code that is on the site. Even if your website appears to be perfectly acceptable for you, the page might not meet the requirements set by a crawler of search engines. It is a good idea to examine the code, specifically the essential header tags, like title as well as the description.


This Page Snooper tool by a SmallSEOTools can help you to see the HTML code for any website

If you're looking to know more about HTML codes This tool will assist you as it will give you an understanding of how a site is designed and scripted. This free online tool it is easy to quickly look at the HTML code for a specific web page by typing the URL

The source code of the result generated will be highlighted in three different hues:

  • Black highlight - used to distinguish HTML tags
  • Highlight in red - to indicate the parameter
  • Green highlight - used to determine the value

The free Page Snooper tool is beneficial to webmasters and webmasters as SEO professionals for discovering the mistakes in their site's HTML code.

This tool can help you find what is the HTML code of any site that you browse or look at its source code for any page. The code's source code appears in 3 different colors to assist you in determining what is the HTML tag from the parameter and value. This tool highlights the HTML tags in blue. The parameter will be highlighted in red. while the parameter will be highlighted in red, and the value in green.


The internet is an enormous platform and as time is passing the competition between websites becomes more difficult. We are aware that the core of each website is its HTML code, which is why it is crucial to keep it updated and improved.

If you're a site owner or webmaster using this web-based HTML viewer can be useful for comparing your HTML code to your competition's website. This way , you'll be able to draw ideas and devise your own ideas to make your website more optimized to be optimized for search engines.

We are aware of how crucial page rank is, which is why we've developed this online tool for free. To aid all website owners in analyzing their HTML code and their competitors' sites. This tool will help you look up the source of your page online, allowing you to have an accurate understanding of your site and make any necessary changes or enhancements to the HTML code.


 A Small SEO Tools aim to offer you the top web page snooper software that allows you to see the page's source online on your website and also the website of your competition. The online HTML viewer displays the website's source code that can be used to study the code in depth.

If you're a web administrator, you should stay on top of current trends and come up with ways to ensure your website is ahead of the competition. This tool will help particularly if you want to do a deeper study by going through the source code of any site, including your personal. Based on the results, you can view your HTML code in detail and the way it's structured.

This extremely effective website page snooper developed by Small SEO Tools is very simple to use. You simply need to input the URL of the site and it will display the HTML source code. It isn't easy to look through the complete the source code of a particular URL, which is why you must look at the pages you would like to compare and then note down the elements you need to enhance on your website.


This web page snooper tool will help in the event that one of your website pages is not functioning. It is possible to review of your HTML source code with this tool to spot issues and assist to fix the issue.

If your site is brand new, you can start looking at starting from top, which will also mean that you first need to view the sources of the page online on the page's homepage. Then, you'll begin by looking at all other pages separately so that you can review the HTML code in depth. In this way, you can quickly compare it to the source code of a different website.

The online HTML viewer allows only viewing of the source code. You are able to make modifications on your site, but not your website's HTML code of another site since the source code for each website is secured.

When you have the HTML code for your site You can then analyze it and find the flaws and the codes you must alter to keep your site far ahead of your competitors.

If you're webmasters, you are able to make the needed changes to the source code of your website, and then upgrade it in order to be able see the effects on your site on the performance. This web page snooper lets you view the HTML code that is used by your competition so that you can gather some ideas and inspiration to improve the performance of your site. This tool gives fast and accurate results if you are looking to examine the source of a site.


This web page snooper can be extremely useful to many web owners as well as webmasters and SEO professionals, especially when is utilized correctly.

It is best to begin with your own site. Examine the source code of your pages and spot any errors. Check your HTML code of your competition's website so you can compare them with your own website. This will reveal what are the advantages and disadvantages of your site and devise a better plan to improve your SEO.

From the information from the results, you can take the necessary changes to increase the efficiency of your site. Once you've made the changes to your site's HTML coding, you will observe the effects it affects search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo since they will be looking at your site differently. It is likely to result in positive effects and enhance the overall performance of your site as long as you've fixed every issue with the HTML code.

How to Get Source Code of Webpage?

If you'd like to see the source code for the web page, right-click on the page and choose Show Page Source. It will be displayed in an additional window. To paste the source code into a new window, click on the entire text or choose the code in a particular section. Select on the view Page Source option in the menu bar and then copy it wherever you want. Follow this by using Command + C to copy the selected text. Command + C key combination to copy the text you have selected or paste the entire code.

After you've saved the JavaScript code the snippet of code, you can open the source code within Internet Explorer. You can also utilize the keyboard shortcut to open the code source for any webpage. After that, click the "View Source" button in the right-hand side menu of your browser. After you've copied the code, you can later save the code as bookmark.

A web page's source code website page is accessible by making use of the CTRL + F keys to search for SEO elements. If you'd like to look at the code behind a website page, right-click on the web page's component and select the option to view the source code by clicking View Source Code of Site. This will show the source code of the page. Keywords can be searched for within the source code and more.

To obtain the source code for the web page it is necessary to click More Tools, and then click View Source. There you'll be able see HTML code. It's also known by the term "source codes". This kind of programming is referred to as HTML. You can access the source code for the web page through pressing CTRL and F keys. After you've completed the procedure, you'll be able look over your site's HTML and other essential components.

Once you've opened up the sources, you are able to access it by right-clicking the page. It is also accessible by clicking the HTML link. You can also look at your source code for a website by clicking it at on top. This lets you look at the source code of the page. It is possible to copy HTML as well as CSS codes. After that, you can copy your code in the text box.

If you're unfamiliar with HTML it is possible to get the source code for the page you're viewing using a web browser's source code menu. You can also access a site's page source by pressing the keystroke. The code should be visible of your site in a browser window that is larger than what you're currently viewing. In the browser, you'll be able to be able to read the content of the XML file. In Chrome you'll see the HTML appears highlighted using orange.

You can look at an entire source of code from a webpage using an editor for local code. It is accessible by clicking the Develop menu on the Mac's browser. After that, select Show Page Source. If you'd like to see an entire source of code for a page You can do this by right-clicking the text box. In the case of a desktop-based browser you'll see the menu for developers show in the browser. This lets you see the whole page's HTML.

To view how a website page, first obtain the HTML of the website. This means that you can access the code that makes up your page using the F12 key. Alternately, you can see the HTML text using the Shift+Enter keys in your keyboard. It is the HTML Source code constitutes the basis of your website. The contents of your browser could be read in a different way based upon the web browser.

To look at the source code for a webpage it is best to go to the tab of the developer tool. The tab will show the source code for the webpage. It will contain the HTML source code. HTML source code can be described as a tiny HTML file which contains the code of your site. You need to know the source code of your website before you can access the content. This is the most efficient method to obtain the source code for the web page. Additionally, you are able to view the XML document.

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