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What is meant by malware?


Malware is a software which is developed by cybercriminals to disrupt the functioning of your computer or system. Malicious software is the full form of malware software.  The main intention of the malwares is to damage and destroy the normal functioning of the system and steal the important data from the systems.


Malware is of different kinds such as phishing, worms, virus, spyware, trojan horses, ransomware, rootkits and adware.


There are some things you must notice if your computer system is having the malwares. You may notice your computer slows down as a normal routine, notice unusual crashes on your browsers along with different pop ups.


To protect or prevent your computer system, you must scan your computer if you notice these noticeable activities on your computers.


What is the reason websites get infected by the malwares?


However, it is the fact that your website can be harmed by the malware. It is very necessary for you to know that your website is infected by the malwares. So, there are many reasons for your website to be infected by the malwares. There are some issues in the following:


  • Software vulnerabilities: If you are not using the right system or application software such as pirated softwares then it is the big reason that your website can be harmed with the malware and you aren't even aware of it. So, avoid using pirated softwares.


  • Third parties integrations:  Make sure that the integrations of the other websites are authentic and fully secured. It means the outgoing back links and the incoming backlinks should be accurate and authentic for your website. Make sure there won't be coming or going towards the stealer website.


  • Social engineering vulnerabilities: The other big reason is social engineering vulnerabilities for your websites. It has the meaning of engineering your website in such a way that all the websites you are linked to are fully trusted by your side.


  • Security issues and access control: The last main reason is security issues. Being a webmaster or web engineer if you have not strong security for your website then you have to face the malwares for your website.




What is google malware checker or how to avoid from malwares?


To detect the malwares from your websites, is really necessary for our and the website's reputation. There are many ways to detect the malwares from your websites but google malware checker is the only power tool which is specially used to check the malware from your websites by google.


Hence it is created by the webmasters and web engineers to detect whether your website is having the malware or not. You can also use it when you don't have any suspect but it can really help the users because most of the malwares is hidden by the users.




What is the importance of Google malware checker?


Today there are many websites that are facing security vulnerabilities nowadays. But you can overcome this problem just by making sure all the required parameters are perfectly done and checking malwares from your website is one of those parameters.


Hence, in order to secure your site from the steelers and prevent your content or personal information from being stolen by unauthorized users or websites.



How does Google Malware Checker Tool work?


The working of the google malware checker is really simple. To detect the malwares from your website, you just have to type the URL in the given space and then press the submit button.


It then redirects to the pages ``google's safe browsing diagnostic page”, and where you will get to know the entire report of the malware software. It will tell you if your websites have the malwares or not. It will show the report for the last 90 days.


Why A Small SEO Tools Google Malware Checker Is Best?


This ASmallSEOTools is best and finest just because it provides you with a simple and easy interface to their users. It provides efficient and accurate results to their users. The most important thing is that it is totally free to check malware for your website.


Top 5 Best Google Malware Checker Tools:


It is completely obvious that our tool gives you the accurate results and inspect the complete website to provide you the correct results of your websites. But here we have other 5 best google free malware checker tools for you in the following:


  1. SmalllSEOtools Google Malware Checker Tool: This is undoubtedly the best tool provided by the google search results. It is the top malware checker tool and famous due to it's easy interface and guide line.

Although smallSEOtools is the most famous website that provides a lot of SEO tools to their users. It provides you to check the malwares to your websites almost freely but to get advanced features you have to purchase it.


  1. Prepostseo google malware checker:  Google free malware checker by the prepostseo is another top rated tool by google chrome. It is getting popularity because it is totally complete and has a user friendly interface. I highly recommend google malware site finder by prepostseo to you.


  1. Searchenginesreports google malware checker:  Searchenginesreports is another website that a better google site checker malware. You can also use this checker for getting excellent results. We recommend this  malware checker tool to you. It provides the free version as well as the paid version.


  1. theSEOtools google malware checker: theSEOtools google free malware checker also comes in the list with the google search results. Many web engineers and webmasters use this checker and keep their websites away from the malwares. It is freely available and for extra features you have to purchase their paid version.


  1. Ahrefs google malware checker: The last but not the least google site checker malware is by the Ahrefs. It has the user friendly interface as well as it provides amazing guidelines to their users. It is really famous by google and comes with the google search results.


The last words are, if you want that your site is completely secure from the malware as well as boost the search engine optimization of your website then you must go for google malware detection and make sure of the entire situation of your website.

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