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What are the keywords?


In general sense, keywords are the words or group of words used by the users to search out the different content on the search engines. Most of the time the words used by the different users are called the search engines queries.


Hence there are some specific words used by the web writers or web engineers for their websites, to encapsulate the complete abstract of the content in a few keywords. These phrases and words are really important for boosting the performance of the website.



What is the significance of the keywords?


If you are SEO writer and developer, then it should be obvious that you cannot neglect the importance of the keywords. But if you are new to SEO, you might misunderstand the term keywords. Keywords are the specific words that inform search engines about the content of your web page.


Hence the ranking of your website depends on different factors, the quality of the backlinks, relevance, performance and the authority of the website. But at the time you cannot neglect the importance of the thing the users require to the search engines.

 For this purpose, keywords are here to help you out. Being a web engineer and webmaster, it is your utmost responsibility to find the best keywords for your content.


What is meant by keyword density?


Keyword density is the simple formula to find out the percentage of specific keywords on the particular page. It is just a percentage calculated of the specific keywords on the particular page and divided or compared with the total number of words on that required page.


 It is also known as the keyword frequency. It is the best way or indicator to know the exact main focus keywords for the particular website.


What is the importance of keyword density for SEO?



In the past, the web engineers and webmasters did not give much importance to the keyword density, even though they did not pay much attention to the keywords for their websites.


 It was true keywords did not have the same impact on those days, but as the time passed, search engines changed their methods and considered the things that their uses required.


So using the relevant keywords for the website matters a lot but at the other moment, you cannot neglect significance of the keyword density.


Hence keyword density is the simple formula used by the search engines to symbolize the importance of the keywords used by every site.


The quantity and quality both are essential. But quantity does a lot. You can use a lot of the same keywords for the particular web page and not as less. Using one keyword 4-5 times is normal, and exceeding it can harm the impact on your SEO. You can only increase the SEO of your site by using the right quantity of the keywords.


What is a keyword density checker?


Keyword density checker is the online tool to find the exact number of the keywords and their particular percentage. In simple words, it is used to find out the keyword density of any of the websites.


 It sorts out the problem so amazingly, either you can find out the keyword density of the entire website or a particular webpage. Hence it makes you able to have a clear idea about the keywords density, whether your site has a neutral number of keywords and their percentage.


Why is a small seo tools keyword density checker the best?


 A Small SEO Tools is amazingly designed for their users. It has a super easy interface that any non-technical person can also easily understand.  The extremely interesting thing is that it is easy for both technical and non-technical persons as well as it is a completely free tool.


It shows the following details:


  • The total number of keywords.
  • Shows each keyword, their time of occurrence and along with the percentage.


So, we highly recommend you to use our tool to improve the keyword density of your website.



How to use our keyword density checker tool?


Now let’s have a look on how to use our keyword density checker tool. It takes only few steps and you get your result and these are here in the following:





Top 5 best keyword density checker:


Hence it is obvious, a small seo tools is the perfect tool for you but there are some other keyword density checker, we want you to recommend in the following:


  1. Checkserp keyword density checker:  Keyword density checker by checkserp is the top ranked tool by the google. It has come into the market with tons of features. It provides the free version with limited features but also gives the trail for ten days for the paid version. We recommend this checkserp tool to you.


  1. SmallSEOTools keyword density checker:  Small SEO Tools keyword density checker is the second most best choice for you. The best thing about SmallSEOTools is, they provide complete information to their users about the tool. You can use it free as well as use the paid version along with more extra features.


  1. PrepostSEO keyword density checker:  it is another good tool for keyword density checker. It provides a simple and easy interface to their users. It displays the information in three different angles.  It has the free version as well as the premium version.


  1. Seoreviewtools keyword density checkerSeoreviewtools is completely designed to help out their users to analyze the keyword density for their websites. It is completely free, and that makes it more popular with their users.


  1. Webconfs keyword density checkerThe last but not the least keyword density checker tool is by webconfs. It helps out the users to analyze the density of the keywords by extracting the specific keywords from the content. You can easily use it as it is freely available.


The final words are, if you have a clear idea about the importance of the keywords for your website, then you must keep track of the keyword density and use the keyword density checker for this purpose.

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