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What is a link analyzer tool or link analysis tool?

Keeping track of your website is very necessary for any of the websites either it is new or it is a top website. For that reason, an online tool was introduced which is called link analyzer tool or link analysis tool. As the name sounded, it is an online free tool to analyze the entire profile of your website.

 You can analyze every link of your website either they are internal links or external links. Link analysis tool does not restrict only this thing, even with this tool you can analyze the profile of your competitors website.


It allows you to check or analyze the regular or periodic audit of your website. Generally, it checks how many total links are and what are important broken links for your website. It simply differentiates the incoming or outgoing links for your website.


What is the significance of link analyzer tool?


For being a webmaster, web engineers or blogger, You cannot deny the importance of the link analyzer tool. It shows the required information about all the important links of your website.  The most important thing, it shows you the required information about the internal links or external links.

And it extremely helps the webmasters or web engineers to analyze the dead or broken links and you can easily remove the unnecessary links for the website.

It also proves really beneficial for the search engine optimization of your website and with that, it helps you to increase the performance of the SEO of your website.


The ink analyzer proved its importance by showing the following information to the users:

  • It shows the total links of your website
  • It shows the internal links and external links separately of the website.
  • It shows the bound and unbound links for the website.


The link analysis tool is extremely helpful for their users.


What is the difference between external links and internal links?


External links are also known as the outgoing links. These links are associated with the other particular domain. External links are used to connect your website with other domains.

These are the links from another website and pointing to your website, and it is also important for the search engine optimization of your website but it is exceptionally important for the readers. These are also called unbounded links.


Internal links are also known as the incoming links. These links are generated for your website within the same domain. It is basically created for the webpages for the particular website.

Generally, these links form the structure of your website. Although, it helps the users or crawlers as it organizes the content of your website. It extremely helps your website in improving the SEO of your website. These are also known are the bounded links.


What is the working of a link analyzer tool?


The working of the link analyzer tool is really simple for their users. It is not necessarily hectic for their user. The whole magic shows the link analyzer tool. You have to just give the URL of the required website and then, it shows the external and internal links for your websites.

The main and important thing about the tool is that it shows the required information exactly on the time in which the spider is crawling on the website. So, as you can imagine, it is a more reliable tool for webmasters and web engineers.


How does link analyzer tool affect the SEO of your website?


It is very clear for web engineers and webmasters that all the links either internal or external, are really necessary for the website. So, if you want to keep track of the important links and dead or broken links, then you must have a tool.

 Although we have a variety of link analyzers. You should use the link analyzer tool because the utmost benefit of the link analyzer tool is that it is proven effective for the SEO of the website.

Especially when you track all the internal links for the website, and make them correct and the quality of the internal links extremely matters, as a result it tells the search engines to crawl the web pages of a particular website.


Why is link analyzer tool by a small seo tools best?



Our asmallseotool is an extremely simple and reliable tool. It has a user-friendly interface and you just don't have prior technical knowledge to use this tool.

 From our tool, it has made it easy for you to check the links one by one if you do not want to check the whole profile. This is absolutely a free tool with extraordinary features.



How to use asmallseotools link analyzer tool?


Link analyzer by asmallseotools is the best tool on the internet. There are many link analysis tools on the internet but our tool is one of the finest tools on the internet as well as it is a totally free tool. Hence using our tool, it does not require any technical information about the tool.


You just have to enter the url of your website and after that it will show the external as well as internal links of the website. Generally, it shows the total links of all over the website, external links, internal links and do follow links.



Top 5 Best Link Analyzer Tool:


Here are in the following some good recommendations for you:


  1. SEMrush Link Analyzer Tool:  We ranked it at the top just because of reliability and effectiveness. SEMrush is the top most link analyzer and came in the market with its extraordinary features. It is a totally paid version and you have to pay $99/month to use it.


  1. Google webmaster Link Analyzer Tool:  Google webmaster link analyzer is the most popular link checker on the internet. The best part about the tool is that it is available free for its user upto 500 links.


  1. Dead Link Checker Tool:  The next tool deadlink checker is very famous on the internet. It provides the feature auto check too. It has a free version as well as a paid version. To purchase this tool, it charged $9.9/month.


  1. Ahrefs Link checker Tool:  Ahrefs link checker is another good for in our list. It is a completely paid version but accommodates their users with a trial of seven days. It costs $99/month.


  1. Small SEO Tools link analyzer Tool:  The last but not the least on our list is link analyzer by Small SEO Tools. It has a free version with limited features and a paid version with extraordinary features.

The final words are, to keep track of all the important links for your website, you must use a link analyzer and improve the SEO of your website.


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