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Welcome to A Smallseotools Link Price Calculator, which allows you determine the cost for the link you use to connect to your favourite website. This tool is among the most helpful and useful tools for advertisers and website owners as well. In order to speed up pricing your link, simply enter or copy the website's URL into the box above to determine the precise cost for the whole month.

The link price detector tool shows the cost for each website after analyzing the domain's age, rankings and content, as well as reputation and popularity. The most notable feature for this program is the fact that it functions effectively, quickly, swiftly and effortlessly. You can examine the cost for links for up to 100 domains simultaneously. If you're looking to get the exact cost and ranking information, try using the Link price calculator provided by A Small SEO Tools.


Get a quick estimate of the cost for your link by using this Calculator for Link Prices from Small SEO Tools.

The Link Price Calculator is a extremely useful tool for website advertisers and owners. This is the best tool to use in order to determine what you'll be charging for or to pay for a specific link every month.

This Small SEO Tools - Link Price Calculator features a unique algorithm that calculates the website's reputation based on rank and the age of its backlinks, as well as other websites.

If you're a site owner the Link Price Calculator will provide the user an idea of much you should charge monthly for a particular URL or text link. In contrast should you wish to make your website more efficient and feel that you need to advertise it on a different website, this tool will aid you in calculating the amount you'll need to pay for a text link advertisement.




This tool online is extremely easy to use. There aren't any programming skills needed to calculate the cost for an individual hyperlink (URL).

All you need to do is enter the URL in the field that is provided, and then click  "Submit" option. After that, it will create the result and then show it to you immediately.

The Link Price Calculator will compute and display the price of the link per US dollars on the basis of a monthly basis. But, there are other elements to be aware of when calculating link prices, including the age of your website as well as the amount of backlinks as well as an Alexa ranking of the traffic. These are crucial in order to determine the most appropriate link price for your site.


The past has seen many web owners and advertisers have had difficulties in obtaining the right price estimation for their links or text advertisements. This is the reason we've created this tool which employs an algorithm unique to calculate the cost of links.

Backlinks play a significant role in the optimization of search engines, which is the reason that many website owners would pay for top quality backlinks. This Link Price Calculator if you are looking to get an idea of how much a well-known website would charge you if you want to make a link for their website.

After you've figured out an estimate of the cost to purchase the links, you may begin to talk to website owners or webmasters that want to purchase and sell links. Be aware that prices for links vary, and will fluctuate based on the site's traffic.

If your website are gaining popularity and see increasing traffic coming to your website, the cost of selling your links could increase as well. Similar to if your website is experiencing a decline in traffic, then the cost for your links may drop.


Do you know how much the value of your website's links?

It is where you need a link price calculator, and  has a very good one. Input the address of the site that you wish to examine. This will determine and show the price of the link as US dollars. The price shown is a monthly, not a per-day price.

All link price calculators on the internet are based on the popularity of the website and the amount of traffic it receives. The higher ranked a website gets, the greater expensive are its links.

When you have the price you want, you're more likely to negotiate with website owners who are looking to purchase and sell their links. You must also be cautious when trying to negotiate selling links. You may offer to sell the link for a period of one year, but after couple of months, you realize that the price of your link has increased significantly.

Prices for links will continue to change depending on how much traffic your website grows. Increased traffic means more recognition, which is the reason why your link prices increase. If traffic drops then the price of your link falls.



Most well-known websites earn revenue through allowing other websites to establish a link to their website for an agreed price. The owners of websites would like to buy backlinks to increase their page's ranking with different search engines, such as Google. Since acquiring backlinks for an authoritative page or a popular site is one of the most effective methods to get your site found by search engines and gain higher page rankings.

It is the goal for every webmaster to bring their website to the top of the list in search engines such as Google. To achieve this, the site must include the following features:

  • Authority
  • Traffic
  • Relevance

Your site must be an accurate source of information in order to be the industry's leader. The more links you can have on your site the more visitors you will need. Making your content appealing to a wide range of people will boost traffic, which can result in gaining credibility in a specific field or sector.


It is free to use this online tool to calculate the price of your Link whenever you need to purchase or sell backlinks on another site.

This link price calculator will give you an accurate estimation of the cost of a link with only one click.

Because the internet is connected with millions of gadgets various locations around the world and it is difficult to know the level of popularity you earn from visitors over a certain time. That's the reason the Link Price Calculator is very beneficial to numerous website owners and webmasters, as it is able to easily calculate link prices and quickly generate results for the users.

Both the seller and the buyer of the link may make use of this tool to check the prices of backlinks, so that they can bargain on the exact amount (or bargain) price.

Naturally, every website owner wants to receive an excellent price by selling or buying backlinks. This software can assist website owners in getting an accurate estimation of their backlinks. This could assist them in avoiding overcharging and under-pricing backlinks to ensure an improved relationship with the websites of their partners.

The partnership with other websites could give you more opportunities once your website is an industry authority. It is possible to sell space on your site instead of just linking to it which can help you earn additional revenue for your site.

The Link Price Calculator from Small SEO Tools is definitely one of the most effective SEO tool you can utilize to obtain an estimate of the price of a URL within a short period of time. All you have to do is copy/paste the URL you'd like to examine in the space provided, it will calculate the cost of the URL.

Website owners can earn additional income when there are more advertisers linked to their site. The advertisers must be willing to pay a higher amount than their market price due to the amount of traffic a website receives.

Utilize this tool to check the price of your links frequently to be aware of the current price of hyperlinks. If you're selling or purchasing backlinks it is important to know the price you can be charging or paying for these hyperlinks.