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What is an IP address?

IP address is the address assigned to any local device or network. The full form of IP address is Internet Protocol. It is basically the internet protocol that has all the required information, rules and regulations about how the devices on the internet communicate.


It is the unique or identifying number of any computer and device on the internet that identifies the device. Hence the two devices can communicate under this protocol as well as enable the computers to send and receive information through the internet.


 IP addresses have all the necessary information to make devices or computers accessible for communication.


What is the importance of IP addresses?


You will be amazed when you realize that the IP address is exceptionally important for you as the personal ID card of yours. If your computer or network device does not have the IP address, then it becomes very difficult for the internet to recognize you as well as your computer do not have the proper way to communicate.


Being a webmaster or web engineer, the significance of IP addresses cannot be invisible to you. Hence the most important thing about the IP address is that it works like the key of your house such that it acts as a security system for your device or computer.


 If you want to secure your information and device and do not have the IP address for the communication then you have to worry about the security vulnerability of the security. In the last words and more simple words, it has as much importance as the importance of your home points on the google map.


What is my IP address?


My IP address is the online tool to check the IP address of your computer at anytime and an ywhere. It is not about showing the IP address of your computer or device but as well as showing some other important information.


The ultimate purpose of this online tool is to provide the necessary information about the IP address as well as tell the computer what the particular IP address of your computer is.


What are the types of IP addresses?


Here are the four main types of IP address:


  1. Public IP Address: It is the IP address that is given or assigned to one entire network. The IP address is the same for the whole network. This type of address is mostly given to the router and given by the ISP (Internet Service Provider).


  1. Private IP address:  It is the unique address that identifies each device in your home like computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. If it is said that with the enhancement of internet if things the number of IP addresses is growing rapidly.


  1. Dynamic IP address:  It is the address that simply changes when you connect to any of the websites on the internet. The dynamic addresses are very important through all over the internet.


  1. Static IP address:  As dynamic addresses change with every time, these are the addresses that cannot be changed with every time. These addresses are consistent and remain the same over the years. The most important function of it is to create more information about your device.



Few important things about “My IP address” tool:


My IP address tool is really important for webmasters and webengineers. So, you have to know a few things about the tool. The tool not only shows the IP address but also shows a few important things with it. Here it is in the following:


  • Your IP
  • City
  • Region
  • Country
  • Country code
  • ISP
  • Latitude
  • Longitude


It also shows the map where the particular IP address is located.


Benefits of IP address locator


It is without doubt that we cannot neglect the importance of IP address in this growing the word of IOT, with this  here are following some benefits of using IP address:


  • It has a big contribution from a security perspective.
  • It helps you to build the quality of the backlinks for your websites.
  • It helps you to check whether you are sending or receiving the information from the right or accurate party.
  • The other important benefit of it is that you can well know about that from where your internet activity is happens



How to use Show My IP address tool?


Hence it is absolutely simple to use this tool. You have to just go to the page ( and within the blink of an eye, you will have the required information about the IP address. It will also show the map as well on where your IP address is located.


Top 5 Best My IP address Locator:


As you cannot ignore the importance of  A Small SEO Tools my IP address, but we have few other best my IP address tools for you and these are in the following:


  1. Whatismyipaddress.comIt is the most famous tool on the internet. Here you have simply entered the address of the computer and it gives you all the required information. It is totally free and it makes it more famous by its users.


  1. Ip Address The other IP address tool is by MyIp. It is really famous for its super exciting features. It is free as well.


  1. Ipaddress.myIt is getting famous with many webenginers or webmasters. It is mostly used to tell the IP of your router.


  1. NordVpn My Ip Address:   Nord VPN is another famous online tool that gives you accurate and reliable information about the IP address of your computer or router.


  1. Whatismyip IP address:  The last but not the least is whatismyip tool. It is really simple to use and gives the information about the IP address to their users.


The final words are, whether you are webmasters or not, you should not neglect the importance of the IP address. By knowing the IP address of your computer or device, you can easily have the proper sense that you have the complete security system as well as to whom or where you are sending or receiving the information.

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