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The owners of websites have their IP addresses, however, if they're using an dynamic IP address like majority of websites do, they don't know. The website owners don't have any idea who uses the public IP.

If you're interested in knowing what other websites are sharing the IP addresses of your site, you need to utilize an IP reverser.

What reverse IP Address Lookup tool can do is it will display all domain names of websites sharing the dynamic IP addresses. To accomplish this, you'll need to conduct reverse IP address lookup. The reverse IP lookup command is used when users complain about having difficulty getting your website to appear online.

If a customer complains or you notice an error message on your site If you notice an error on your website, you contact the web host service you use to let them know about the issue. You can also conduct a reverse IP search to identify the domain names you are sharing an IP address with, and then check whether those websites are functioning.

If they're working properly then you can tell that the issue is on your website and not with. In  this instance you'll need to look at your HTML content of the site to determine if there's a problem. If your site's code is in good order and the other websites that share your IP address work perfectly, it's your Internet hosting service provider that must investigate the issue with your site and rectify it.


Websites are appearing all over the internet at a rapid pace. In fact, thousands of new websites are hosted every day online. Since the competition for rankings is growing the task of SEOs is increasing. There are numerous reasons why website managers need to be aware of their neighbors. If you're on the shared hosting service it is possible to have bad and good neighbors sharing identical domain server your site.

Every website competes with other websites that offer the same services or products. Your competitors may use the same hosting services that you do. But they'll probably be using different networks. But the most important thing for you to understand the reason why reverse IP domain checking is crucial for you.


Let's start from the beginning. What is an IP address? What is its significance for search engines. Google define it to be "a unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network." This might appear like an overwhelming amount of technical language however it's actually quite easy to comprehend.

Everybody has a mailing address whereby postal and courier providers can send our packages and mail to us. Similar to the world of internet, IP addresses are similar to the addresses used by computers to mail out letters. These unique addresses computers can communicate with one another and exchange data.

IP addresses can be crucial for businesses. Certain web sites restrict IP addresses for certain countries.


The reverse domain lookup technique called Reverse IP Lookup uses the similar technique that is employed to find the DNS records that are associated to an IP address. Website hosting servers can host multiple websites with an IP address.

This method is employed for shared hosting. Domain reverse lookup is employed to determine the current DNS records on the server.


You can utilize reverse IP lookup to accomplish multiple functions

  • Find all domains by an IP address. Reverse Domain lookup lets you be aware of all the websites which share the identical IP address. The IP address details are not shown, just the domain names which share the address.
  • Reverse IP lookup allows you to identify the domains hosted by a competitor's IP address.
  • The tool can also be used to look the websites of your competitors and find out if they're using static or dynamic IP addresses, and also how many other websites are sharing the IP address. There are additional tools available at that allow you to find out the identity of their web hosting providers are.
  • A reverse IP lookup typically locates domains that are owned by your competition. This could be valid information about your competitors' domains in the case of privacy issues with Whois.
  • Reverse website lookup is also employed to target the hosting server. For instance you are looking to attack only one secure website and secure, using reverse ip domain check, you will be able to identify other websites hosted by the same web host with an IP. You can identify the less secure website to attack from the same server. This can also bypass the security measures of the targeted site.


To perform reverse IP search, go to in your browser and locate the "Reverse IP lookup' icon , and click it. Or an easier way would be to copy/paste in the address bar of your search browser.

After the display page has opened and you are prompted to enter the domain's name. It's not necessary input the address of your IP. the reverse URL lookup tool will locate that IP address you've entered. It will show all domains sharing that IP address , and will display the IP addresses of those domains. Click on any domain's name and it will take you to the website.


Learning the importance of what are IP addresses and how a reverse ip domain check can help you in deciding whether you want to remain on the same hosting service or switch to another service provider. If your business has grown rapidly and you're looking to change from a dynamic to static service. provides a reverse-ip-domain-check tool among a host of SEO tools. As an SEO or site manager, this is a useful tool to keep in your arsenal. You should be aware of the hosting service you use. Look for additional domains when you use an dynamic hosting service. Check the speed of your connection. Be aware of your competition.

This is all important for anyone who wants to stay alive and prosper as a business in an internet age.