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About Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt Generator Tool -  A SMALL SEO TOOLS

What is the Robot.txt File?

Robot.txt is an exceptionally important file, if you are a webmaster and want to restrict some of your important web pages from the crawerles.

The file basically consists of the instructions for the search engines like google, how your webpage crawls on their webpages as well as how it is created by the webmaster.

REP(Robot Exclusion Protocol) is the important protocol for the Robot.txt file. It tells the search engines how the crawling performance and users gets its required results.

In simple, it indicates whether the certain crawlers can get the specific webpages or not and it is done through the instruction “Disallowing” or allowing.

What is the importance of the Robot.txt file?


The preliminary importance of the robot.txt file is to keep your webpages or content out of search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) as it totally depends on the type of your file. It is mainly used to direct the web crawlers traffic on your site.


Some of the webmasters or websites do not really require a robot.txt file and the reason some specific search engines find the webpages in usually and index the main pages of your website.

There are some reasons for that, you can use the robot.txt file and literally know it’s importance.

The main reason is to increase the crawl budget, with this motive to increase your crawl budget you will not waste your time on the unnecessary pages, and increase your crawl budget with the necessary files.

 The other big reason is to block some of the non-public pages that you don’t want to index on the website. You can block these pages for the web crawlers.

How does Robot.txt File work?



Being a webmaster for bloggers, you must use the robot.txt file. For this reason, you have to understand the working of the robot.txt file.

The search engines have two main tasks before delivering the relevant content to the user.

At the very first step, the main task of the search engine is to crawl the multiple websites to discover the relevant content for the user. Google gets multiple relevant links from website to website. This process is usually called spidering.

After crawling on different sites, and reaching the particular site. The web crawlers first find the robot.txt file of the particular website. After getting the robot.txt file, it reads the file thoroughly, because it has all the information about how to crawl on the websites.

It shows the relevant page to the user, if the robot.txt file does not contain any “disallow” instruction for the page.



What is Robot.txt File Generator Tool?



Robot .txt Generator is an online tool which is used to create robot.txt files for your websites. It proves beneficial for your website. As there are many webmasters, bloggers and marketers who have websites on the internet and actually want to rank their sites, but have a lack of technical knowledge as well as shortage of time, they can’t create the tobot.txt file for their websites.

 This is the reason the robot.txt generator is introduced. It is very easy and simple, if you have some basic knowledge of the robot.txt file.

What is the aim of the Robot.txt File Generator Tool?


The ultimate aim or purpose of the robot.txt generator tool is to facilitate the webmasters, marketers or bloggers who have less technical knowledge and are able to create the robot.txt file manually, and they can simply get advantages of the online robot.txt generator tool.

Hence, the robot.txt tells the search engines or crawlers how to crawl on the website, and it has significant importance in SEO too.

So, in general, the robot.txt generator tool helps many webmasters or bloggers to generate the robot.txt for the better performance of their websites.

Why is our a small seo tools Robot.txt file generator tool best?


The utmost reason that our a smallseotool is best, is that it is a totally free tool as well as creates authentic and reliable robot.txt file for you.

 It provides you the user friendly interface as well as mentions some important suggestions.


Another important thing is, you can create the new file as well as edit an precreated file.


How to use a small seo tools Robot.txt File Generator Tool?


Many users find it difficult to use rorbot.txt generator. But following are a few steps and you will be able to generate robot.txt in an easy way.


  • First, you have to reach the page ( Then you will see many options and all the options are not necessary to fill out.
  • After, leave the first two options as default.
  • In the third option you have to provide the sitemap and you must have one sitemap.
  • In the next steps, set thee bots values for the search engines, for the images if you want to index them and select the mobile version of your websites
  • The last option is to disallow the particular area of the website.


These are the simple steps you must follow for creating the robot.txt file with our a small seo tools generator.

Top 4 Best Robot.txt File Generator Tool:


Here are a few good suggestions for you about the robot.txt generator.


  1. Ryte Robot.txt Generator Tool:  it is the top most used generator nowadays. It is all because it provides you with many advanced functionalities. It gives the three main options, allow, disallow and customized. It is a fully enhanced generator and also has a free version.


  1. SEOOptimer Robot.txt Generator Tool: SEo optimer is another super used robot.txt generator because it provides you the clean interface with many enhanced functionalities. It has provided their users both the free and paid versions.


  1. WebNots Robot.txt Generator Tool: it is super simple and almost similar to the smallseotools. It gives the users dropdown list as well as you can download the file, when the file is generated.


  1. SMALLSEOTOOLS Robot.txt Generator Tool: SMALL SEO TOOLS robot.txt is a generator that comes along with wordpress. Wordpress provides an automated file generator to the webmasters. However, if you are wordpress users then you can easily use this generator.


The final words are, the robot.txt file gives worth to your SEO and the thing is due to lack of technical knowledge of generating the file, the best option for the bloggers, webmasters and marketers is robot.txt generator tool.


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