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What is meant by Server status Checker?


As with the development of the technology, it has become important for the webmasters and owners of the websites and servers to keep track of the status of the server. To check the server status means that you are checking if your website or websites are down or blocked. It is really necessary for the website owners to check it on a regular basis to increase the traffic for their website.


The very first reason to check the status of your website is that if you know that your website status is down, you should suddenly realize that the traffic of your website is going to decrease. The other reason is that when your website gets blocked it is necessarily important to check the status of your website.


If you get hosting from another hosting services provider then it is a fact that when the hosting services provider’s server gets down, all the websites associated with that server can also get down. In this case, users cannot reach your website and you must have faced loss in the traffic.


Hence it can happen when the hosting services providers face many technical issues. But this is not your problem, it has totally concerned with the service provider.


How to check website status or what is the HTTP code?


HTTP codes are codes that appear with the result of server status. If you have no idea about these codes then here are the list and the details of the codes in the following:


  • 200 - there is no problem when you see this code along with the server status. It simply means that your website is doing OK as well as has a good responding time.


  • 301-  this code comes with the server status, which means that your website is moved to the new server and all your old traffic is redirected to the new server.


  • 302-  It means that the server is temporarily facing a limited period.


  • 307- when this HTTP code comes it means that your website is doing OK. just like the 302 code is doing but the major difference is that the URL of your website is reverted when the time is over.


  • 400- This is a very common code and mostly appears when your website faces a bad request. Very simple, if the server does not understand the request of the user then it shows this error.


  • 401- this code appears when the user requests to try the unauthorized content, then the user will get a 401 code or error.


  • 403- This code comes when the user is wanting to get the content that is blocked by the server and does not have the permission to the users to access this content then this code shows  to the users when he requests.


  • 404- Hence it is the most common HTTP code, you mostly see this error many times when you are trying to use a website or a web page. This error shows “ Not found”. It means when the particular content has been deleted or removed permanently or even temporarily.


  • 410-  this is a very uncommon error. It is mostly the same as the 404 error and does not show the content or webpage. It comes when the URL is correct and also exists but it is removed.
  • 500-  It is the most critical error and mostly comes when there is a problem with the server.




What is a server status checker?


Server status checker is an online tool and it is used to check the server status for your website. It is the online testing tool that allows you to check whether your website is offline or online. It shows the HTTP codes or errors about the status of your website.


Why it is important for webmasters?


If you are webmasters and very well know that the traffic for your website or web pages is extremely important. As being the webmasters and SEO experts, you must have to regularly test the status of your website. It can improve you to increase the traffic of your website and also help boost the SEO for your website.


Why A SmallSEOtools Server Status Checker Tool?


A SmallSEOtools server status checker is best available on the internet. It is completely freely available for their users as well as it shows the correct result about the status of your website. This tool is really simple and easy to use. It is difficult for the users to have knowledge about the HTTP codes but we have explained the details of the HTTP codes in this article.


Hence it is very easy to use this tool. You just reach out to the particular webpage; enter the URL of the particular website you want to know the status of and then press the submit button. After that it comes with the result within a fraction of time.




Top 5 Best Server Status Checker tools:


It is obvious thing that our Asmallseotools are one of the best tool on the internet. But here are the following tools on the internet ranked by the google:


  1. SmallSEOtools Server Status Checker:  This is one of the best websites on the internet that provides many SEO tools freely to their users. It provides the best checkers and is ranked on the top by the google.


  1. Searchenginereports Server Status Checker: This is another top ranked website on the internet. Searchenginereports is getting famous in these days. It is free for the users to users theri checker.


  1. Prepostseo Server Status Checker:  Prepostseo is another famous website and it is ranked number three by the google. It is freely available for their users,


  1. is ranked on the fourth number by the google. It provides the excellent server status checker as well as the tool is completely free.


  1. Duplichecker Server Status Checker:  The last but not the least tool is from duplichecker. It is also ranked by Google and comes with the SERP. The best part about this website is that it is user-friendly as a user-friendly interface and is also freely available on the internet.


Finally, being a webmaster and SEO expert, it is really important and necessary to have the proper knowledge about your website status. For that reason I must go for the server status checker.