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What is URL encoding and URL decoding?


URl encoding means replacing some of the words from the URL to some other words to encode the URL. It is mostly used for uniform resource identifiers and that is why webmasters or web engineers have great intention to change special symbols.


URL decoding means it undoes the meaning of encoding URL. It is also necessarily important for many webmasters and web engineers.


What is the URL encoding used for?


URL encoding is an important part of any website. So, the basic use of URL encoding to hide some portion of the URL from the unauthorized user. The most important specification of the URL encoding RFC 1738 describes that it is not allowed to use any of the characters in the URL encoding. There are only few characters in the list which are used for the URL encoding. These are in the following:


  • A to Z
  • A to z
  • Hyphen (-)
  • Underscore (_)
  • Single quote ( ‘)
  • Asterisk or star (*)
  • Plus  (+)
  • Dollar ($)
  • Open bracket
  • Closing bracket
  • Period (.)
  • 0 to 9


What is the working of URL encoding?


The URL encoding is a process to make little changings in the URL on the specific portion of the URL. It is mainly used in Uniform Resource Identifier(URL) and it contains both the Uniform Resource Locator( URL) and Uniform Resource Name(URN).


The working of the URL encoding is very easy and understandable. All the characters within the Uniform Resource Identifier are required to be changed, it changes with the percent sign and after using two digits of hexadecimal numbers.


Here in the following are some examples for the better understanding:


  • $ = %24
  • = = %3d
  • : = %3A
  • + = %2B
  • ? = %3F
  • @ = %40


What is URL encoder and decoder?


Hence to perform URL encoding and decoding, there are online tools available on the internet that is called URL encoder and decoder. It is really helpful for the webmasters and web engineers who are wanting to replace some of the portion of the URL that is mostly known as the percent encoding. These tools are online and extremely easy to use and the utmost important thing it does not need any prior technical knowledge before.


Percent ending is used to replace the specific words from the URL by adding percent sign and after two digits of hexadecimal whereas URL is mostly used for the source of the newsletter and email campaign.


Why do A SmallSEOtools URL encode decode best?


A Smallseotools URL encode decode is best and there are reasons. The very first reason is that it is completely free available on the internet. The other utmost thing about our tool is that it gives you the most efficient and accurate results along with it is most reliable and provides you the quick results.


No doubt, webmasters and web engineers use it mostly for the percent encoding but as well it is used for making your javascript URL in the readable form or text.  It is simply known by most of the web engineers that URLs on the internet can only go using ASCII characters.


For that reason this super easy online URL encoder and decoder come in the market to give their users more efficient and accurate results.


How to use URL Encoder and Decoder tool?


A SmallSEOtools URL encoder/decoder provides you with a user-friendly environment. It is super easy to use this tool. The utmost important thing about our tool is that you do not have to learn even a little technical knowledge about it. It is completely free as well as the working of this tool would take just two or more steps.


At the first, reach out to the particular page. Enter the specific text you want you encode, after it submit the press button and then the magic applies by the URL encoder decoder. After a few moments, you will get the encoded string. It is really super amazing and you are doing encoding and decoding in such a short time.


Top 5 Best Free URL Encode and Decoder Tools:


It is really certain that our tool is best and provides efficient and accurate results but here are some other tools and it is ranked by the google. Here are in the following top five tools ranked by the google:


Url-encode-decode:   It is the best website for the online URL encoder decoder and it is ranked top by the google. The best part about this tool is that it provides you with a user-friendly environment as well as gives maximum accurate results. It is freely available on the internet.


Meyerweb.com URL Encoder Decoder:  The other online URL encode decode tool available on the internet is meyerweb URL encoder decoder. It is a really famous tool found on the internet. It is ranked on the second number by Google chrome.


 The utmost important thing about this tool, it comes on the market with many extra important features and provides their users amazing URL encoding results.


Urldecoder.org:  The next tool on the list is urldecoder.org. It is ranked third by the google. It is another popular tool available on the internet. It completely allows their users to use this online tool freely.


Urldecode.com:  urldecode.com is a very famous and well known website on the internet. It is mostly well known just because of its online URL encode/decode tool. The amazing thing about this tool, it is entirely free as well as gaining maximum trust by their users.


Prepostseo URL Encoder Decoder: The last but not the least tool is prepostseo tool. It is not a neglectable thing that prepostseo.com is getting popular day by day. It is the complete package that contains many SEO tools. It is ranked by the google and it comes with SERP if user searched for the online URL Encoder Decoder. The other important thing that you can use this tool freely on the internet.


The final words are, URL encoding decoding is necessarily important for any of the websites. So if you are the webmasters and webegineers want to encode the URL then you must go for our online tool.