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About URL Rewriting Tool



What is meant by URL Rewrite?


URL Rewrite is the process to change the long dynamic URL into a shorter and easier static URL. It is a really important process and must require every website owner to use this process. It is mostly used by the website owners, webmasters and webengineers.


When you create a website and make it possible for search engine optimization. It requires much time from the website owners and website engineers. Through the URL rewriting process, you can optimize the search engine of your website. In simple words, the short information such as URL detail is extremely necessary for the search engine optimization.


What is a URL Rewriting tool?


Hence URL rewriting is the necessary part for any website to boost the SEO for their website. For that purpose, a URL Rewrite tool was introduced. This is the online tool that is used to convert the dynamic URL of a particular website into small as well as shorter static websites.


 There are different free tools available on the internet from where you can rewrite your dynamic URL for your website into static URL for your website.


What is the importance of a URL Rewriting tool?


There is a vital importance of the URL Rewrite tool because it is the online free and efficient tool that provides and converts the dynamic URL into a shorter and simple static URL for your website. Although the accurate and easy URLs contribute really much in the search engine optimization that is why there is a vital importance of the URL rewriting tool.


What is the need of URL Rewriting?


It is very important to know that clean and simple URLs are really beneficial for the search engines to make it able to generate links to keywords and can make difference between different folder names, and these are the static URLs for your website. Therefore, there is a need for URL rewriting to provide the simple static name for your website.


However, the static is very easy to remember. It is also really user friendly and makes it easy to bookmark the index rather than the dynamic URLs. It has a big contribution in ranking your website by many of the search engines.


What are the static websites?


Static websites are the websites that give the information to their user without any signal.  It mainly uses small businesses and websites. The main purpose of the static websites is that it shows their presence on the internet. That is because these organizations or companies have no clear intention that their data will be stolen on the internet. Even they do not do any of the business on the internet.


Static websites require prior technical knowledge not more but you have to know HTML. The best thing about the static website is that it is not very expensive as well as does require any much amount to develop and operate it.


PROS and CONS of static websites:




  • It costs less .
  • It is very fast as well as easy to develop and manage.


  • It required web knowledge to maintain and develop it.
  • The main cons are, it only provides the basic information.



PROS and CONS of dynamic websites:




  • The main benefit of dynamic websites is that it has more detail and has more functionality as compared to static websites.
  • It allows the website's engineers and users to exchange their information.
  • It is extremely easy for the web engineers to manage it as well as update it.




  • The one and only con is it is very expensive to develop and operate.


How to use a URL Rewriting tool?


Since it is really simple to use asmallseotools URL rewriting tool. You have to reach out to the page. Then enter the URL of your website. After you enter the URL of your website, our tool takes your request and uses the best Apache mod for rewriting or converting the dynamic URL into static URL.


The most important thing is that being a webengeer for the ecommerce website, you have to increase the traffic of your website and want to get more SERP of your website and it is really important to make your URL static for the people and in result it will give you the more traffic.


Top 5 Best URL Rewriting Tools:


There are some of the URL rewrite tools top ranked by the google in the following:


  1. SmallSEOtools URL Rewriting Tool: SmallSEOtools is a website that is full of SEO tools. It provides you with the best SEO tools and is mostly ranked by Google for their tools. This tool is totally free for their users and it also provides you the best and accurate result. We highly recommend this tool for your use and make your website rank by the google.


  1. Webconfs :  Webconfs is also a famous website that accommodates their users with the accurate and amazing tool. This tool is ranked second by the google. This tool is free too.


  1. Searchenginereport: It is another tool ranked by google and gets with the SERP. It is really user friendly and gives the user most accurate results. Its free version is available on its website. You just have to enter the URL in the mentioned area.


  1. InternetmarketninjaThis tool is also getting very famous over the years on the SERP of google. This is another popular site on the internet that provides the best SEO tools to the users. URL Rewrite tool by internetmarketninja is also freely available on the internet.


  1. Coderduck : This is the last but not the least URL rewriting tool available today on the internet. It is ranked fifth by the google. It is a simple and easy tool.


The last words are, if you are the webengineers or webmasters and cannot neglect even the small things related to SEO such as URL information then you must go for the URL rewriting process and use AsmallSEOtools simple and easy rewriting tool for your website.