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Make use of the "Links count checker" tool to perform quick and easy verification of links on your website pages

This tool for free online is what you require in order to determine the number of links that are outgoing present on a particular page. Webmasters and owners of websites must check regularly the external links that are on their pages to ensure the integrity of the site.

In addition, this program will help you save money as well as the hassle of paying for advertisements or link building services from an untrustworthy supplier. Utilizing "Link farms" (pages or sites created solely for the purpose of reproducing backlinks) are not the best alternative for optimizing your search engine due to their specialized algorithm to detect link building practices. They can harm your site rather than improve it.

Therefore, it is suggested to utilize this tool to check the number of links on your site as a base to get rid of pages that may harm the image of your site in the event that you plan in exchange for links. You can then conduct more analysis by manually checking the importance of the website.


One of the most crucial aspects of a website the majority of website owners fret about is the number of links they've got on their pages that include external and internal links. Since the more quality and high-quality links a website's site has, the better it will rank by search engines, such as Google.

This Link Count Checker can help you keep track of the internal, external and backlinks on your website pages. It will also tell you whether they're Dofollow as well as Nofollow. Also, this is an inbound and outgoing link extractor, as well as counter-tool that is extremely beneficial to SEO of search engines.

Small SEO Tools want to offer webmasters and website owners the best tool that will evaluate both external and internal links. this will give them an accurate idea of the quality of their links. website.

The Link Count Checker tool is extremely useful in gathering all the relevant information you can use to enhance the performance of a website. Typically, the owner of a website is looking to determine the amount of internal and external links are present on a particular web page.


The Link Count Checker tool is extremely simple to use. It is all you need to do is type your URL within the "Text box and then click" Check" option. Our system has a special algorithm to process your request and generate the result within a few seconds. The result will give you the following details:

  • Links to all of them
  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • Nofollow link
  • Dofollow Links.

Total links:  The total amount of external and internal links a website's website has. There are links count checker software that can additionally provide the amount of duplicate links as well as empty anchors.

Internal links are pages which can be found on a site. They are usually linked via the menu on a website or via interlinks.

External links are external links that link to other websites or sometimes referred to as partner websites. The more external links a website has, the better it is for the search engine's optimization. But, every link should be from reliable and relevant websites, and not just spam sites.

Nofollow links are usually highlighted in red to signal danger. The degree of danger they pose to websites is debatable. But, it is essential to stay clear of links that are nofollow. Popular social media websites such as Facebook along with Twitter are automatically no-follow.

Dofollow links are those that permit Google as well as other engines follow to reach your site. This link is advantageous to your site since it will help you achieve an excellent page rank in search engines.

There are several website links count checker software that can determine the anchor text that is linking your website to a different website. This will assist you to analyze the text in order to make more Dofollow hyperlinks.


As webmasters, your goal is on building trust with your visitors to your website. Don't be concerned about what kinds of is best for SEO rather, concentrate on the links that work for your company. That's why you've built your site to serve. Consider getting hyperlinks that benefit your company and can assist in the establishment of your brand. Your links must aid in making you an authority in your field.

Wikipedia links are worthwhile to explore even though they are selective about the sources they use. However, if you are able to make links that are high quality and unique information, it will result in good results as well as several fantastic hyperlinks. Your link on Wikipedia could be linked to a well-known and established website. Naturally, this can cause your site's rank to increase.

Offsite Link Analyse: How does it work to help SEO?

If your competitors are performing "competitive linking research" You must take a examine the links of other websites due to various reasons. Let's say for instance you're trying to acquire the links of other sites. Here are some reasons that you should look over the links on these websites:

  • To determine where the existing Outbound Links are
  • To understand how the current Outbound Links are created
  • To understand how the structures of the site are constructed
  • To determine if they're making a mistake, for example: NoFollow those links, or hiding outbound links

Link Analysis Tool Evaluate the quality of links

Like off-site links are, on-site links must also be evaluated for quality if you wish to be confident you know that internal hyperlinks on a site are doing what they're supposed to be doing, nothing else or you wish to know what the webmaster is trying to accomplish by using those links.

If you examine how link analysis can be used to improve SEO and link analysis, you will also be able to see how the routine tasks form a solid foundation to increase crawl trust, and visibility.

This is why it is important to the most effective search engine for a site.


The majority of search engines, including Google were linking a site's hyperlink to related websites which created a problem for many webmasters and bloggers. Many took advantage of this chance to earn money. fake link farms were sold to uninitiated webmasters and website owners. They're not conscious of the importance of external links, which is the reason they opted for paid links from farms.

But, it creates another problem since links with bad content were posted on various blog sites , and also linked to other websites. It was a huge issue for the hard-working blogger owners and owners of websites who decided to put no-follow links on their websites to stop this practice.

Google as well as other engines like Google were affected and required to modify their algorithms for ranking. They devised a system which checks the legitimacy of links . They also implemented the concept of no-follow when dealing with spam and fake websites.

A lot of website owners were more wary of No-follow links due to the fact that they were bought links from unknown sources , and instead, they relied on linking to trusted sources or websites.

HOW To Get DOFollow Links?

The best way to get dofollow links is first to use website-links-count-checker tool. Examine the results and start creating great and unique content. The content must be distributed as well as linked to naturally. Another strategy is to create guest blog posts on a related website to your business , and link it to your own site. This will result in referrer traffic as well as providing you with search engine optimization.

The hard work of writing high-quality content and publishing it on your site is the only way to get a top ranking on Google. If the industry is trying to manipulate Google's ranking standards the results are not long-lasting. Google realizes the issue and correct it. So, buying fake hyperlinks or not checking your website regularly for errors in all aspects does not improve your website.

Keep monitoring your website with website-links-count-checker and see how many links you have gained or lost. Continue to work towards gaining the trust of your industry as this is where your competitors are coming from.