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What is meant by whois?


Whois is the term used on the internet for the domain name of any of the websites. It is simply an internet service which is used to look up all the information about the domain name.


Domain names are not registered by the internet, although it is requested by many of the big companies on the internet and they are called registrars.


There are many registers on the internet such as Namecheap, Tucows, MarkMonitor and GoDaddy. The Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for approving these companies and regulates domain name registration.


It happens in such a way, when a new website registered by any of the registrar, it is the responsibility of the registrar to make this information publicly available, and it is done with the whois service.



What is whois record?


A Whois file contains all the contact facts associated with the individual, organization, or business enterprise that registers a selected domain call. Usually, every Whois document will include information including the name and phone statistics of the Registrant (who owns the area), the name and make contact with statistics of the registrar (the enterprise or industrial entity that registered the domain name).


 The registration dates, the call servers, the maximum current replace, and the expiration date. Whois information may offer the administrative and technical touch facts (which is frequently, but no longer constantly, the registrant).



What is the importance of whois?


Whois record is utmost important to available on the internet. There are several purposes of whois record but the utmost purpose of the whois record is that it prevents your site from unauthorized users and access. It makes the domain name for you. 


It also helps you to make you valid on the internet. In the case, if you have the invalid username or domain name, then it will become very risky to you on the internet.


What is Whois Domain Lookup or Whois Checker?


Whois Domain Lookup is the online tool to check the important information related to any website. It is created especially for the webmasters and webenginer to have the complete information about their sites whether they are registered or not. They can also know the creation and expiry date of the website.


Why Asmallseotools WhoIs Domain Lookup is best?


Our Asmallseotools is best and the top most reason is that it is totally freely available for their users. It is one of the most efficient tool provide on the internet. we provide you the best search engine optimization tools that you can rank your website on the internet using this tool as well as you can earn a lot from your website.


 This tool provides you the entire history of your domain alongs with domain name, domain id, ed, expiry date, creation date and many more. WhoIs checker or WhoIs lookup saves you a lot of time and you will get results within seconds.




How to use AsmallSEOtools Whois lookup tool?


It is really easy and simple to use domain whois tool. Just follow the simple steps in the following:


1.Reach out the page. ( https://www.asmallseotools.com/ whois-domain-lookup)

2.Then enter the domain name of the particular website.

3.After that press the submit button and within seconds you will get the result.


You will find out all the required information about the particular domain name including domain name, domain id, creation time, expiration time etc.



Top 5 Best Whois Domain Lookup tools:


Since, it can be said that our Asmallseotools is best. But here we have the top 5 ranked tools by Google on the internet.


1.Who.is Whois Domain: Who.is is the top ranked website to provide you the whois lookup. It is a really demanding website by the webmaster and web engineer. It comes with the bundle of features and gives you the best and accurate results. We are extremely recommending this tool to you. It is totally  free for their users.


2.Lookup.icann Whois Domain: The other tool is whois checker by lookup.icann. It has come with many advantages on the internet. The utmost important thing about the lookup.icann whois checker is that it is almost free as well as provides a paid version  to their users. This tool is able to recommend to you.


3.Name.com whois Domain:  The next tool on the list is whois checker by the name.com.  This is a popular website and provides many tools to their users. They give the free version to their users and that is why it is really famous among the new webmasters and webengineers. We are also recommending this tool if you are a new web engineer.


4.Whois.com Domain Lookup: whois.com is the official website of whois lookup or Whois checker. It is also extremely used by the new web engineers and webmasters. It has appeared in the market and its main motive is to provide accurate information to their users. This whois.com whois lookup is also able to recommend to you.


5.Whois.domaintools Domain Lookup: The last but not the least whois lookup is by whois.domaintools. It is also one of the top ranked websites for the whois checker on the internet. It is freely available on the internet, and along with you can also purchase its paid version. We simply recommend this whois.domaintools whois checker or lookup.


The last and final words are, if you want yourself to keep fully updated with your website then you must go for the whois lookup or checker. Domain checker is an online tool and most websites provide it for free on the internet. So, it is really simple and easy to you, you just have to go on the page, enter the domain name and get all the required information about your domain. Hence, our asmallSEOtools is one of the best whois  lookup on the internet. Hence it is very user friendly and simple tool as well as provide