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About Word Counter

Word Counter Tool or Character counter Tool

Word Counter Tool or Character counter Tool:-

Word counter tool is a simple, easy and online tool for checking length of the words, characters in a text as well as it shows spelling and grammar mistakes. Character counter is exceptionally important for the writers but somehow, it's also important for the internet traveler.


Word count is the major metric for writing, especially in advertisement, publishing and other legal documents. When you use this tool, you will be able to find out whether you have more words in your text or you have exceeded it already.


What is the aim of the word counter tool?


The ultimate purpose of the word counter tool is to provide the writers to check the length of required words.

If you are a writer, then you should definitely know the value of each and every word. If there’s a need for an article to have a thousand words then it must have almost a thousand words, but it can’t be five hundred or exceed two thousand. So, for that purpose the word counter tool was introduced.

What is the importance of word counter tool?


As we all know, we are living in the modern era where we follow the restrictions about the length of the text we write. Whether for a website, blog, a document and an eBook, a certain number of words is required. 

Even on social media platforms, when you have been writing, you have been controlling with the text counts. It doesn't matter if you are aware of it or not.


As we all know, social media platforms are made for easy reading and writing. Many of us are mostly engaged with social media platforms.

We try to skip all the unnecessary content and jump onto the main part of the content, that is why social media platforms have restricted their length for words. So, it’s very important to know the character limit for social media platforms, especially, when you are a social media manager or digital marketer.


Here are different words counting limits for some big social media.


  • Twitter : used upto 280 characters. Now, It was increased by 140.
  • Facebook: allows to write 63,206 characters for post and maximum 8,000 for comments
  • Instagram: allows you to write maximum 30 hashtags and 2,200 characters for caption.
  • LinkedIn: allows maximum 120 characters for headline,2,000 characters for summary section. Maximum 100 characters for position title and 1,000 characters for description box


Now, you can estimate that choosing the right length of the content can make our text more attractive and catchier. It totally depends on us to keep away from the irrelevant content and stick to the actual content whether we are posting on Instagram, Facebook or twitter.


Hence, for this to happen, you need an user-friendly word count tool. But using a word counter or word calculator does help you out more than social media posts.



How does word counter online work for SEO?


If you are SEO writer, and writing SEO articles then Word counter or Character counter plays an important role. You may notice that most of the articles that appear on page one on SERP are long term articles with the length between 2,000 to 1500.


Long term articles are considered to be more authoritative because you find an opportunity to add more content and information related to that particular topic, and it comes into more value.

The outcome is, you receive more shares and backlinks when your article carries more value and you will have better rankings.

By using a word count tool, you can restrict your article to the ideal number of words. Hence, it will not only guarantee to have good ranking but definitely help you in long races.


How does wordcounter tool work?



Wordcounter tool is a very easy and simple tool. The best part is, it has a user-friendly interface. You have to simply copy your text and paste in the text area. After, it will show best results with a blink of an eye.

Our a small seo tools word counter tool is a super simple and easy tool for you. It is a completely free tool.  The one more thing is that, you can copy paste the content as well as upload it from your hard drive.


How to use WordCounter Tool by A Small SEO Tools


Use of Our Word Counter is pretty simple. Follow all these below steps

Step #1: Go to https://asmallseotools.com/word-counter

Step #2: Copy and Paste your content on the box provided

Step #3: Press the button “Word Count”

Step #4:You have the result.


Top 5 Best Word Counter tools:-

Let's have a look at a few other top word counters on the internet. These are  top 5 best  word counter tool that are gaining popularity day by day. Here are in the following:


  1. Wordcounter.net Word Counter Tool:  This is the best word counter tool in my list and it is obvious that it has multiple beneficial features like length analyzer, keyword checking analyzer and time calculator. I highly recommend this tool to the writers.


  1. Countwordsfree word counter tool: Word counter  from countwordsfree is another super simple tool. It has also gained popularity by its amazing and extraordinary features such as it works for multiple languages as well as accepting any type of file.


  1. Word counter Free: Word counter free is extremely famous by the writers in this era because it is an almost free tool with extraordinary features. It provides you a user -friendly interface as well as counts the character along with the spaces.


  1. Docwordcounter word counter tool:  Docwordcounter is another highly recommended word counter. It also has an amazing user interface that is really beneficial for many of the writers. It gives you the authentic result with the free version.


  1. Wordcounter.io word counter tool: The last but not the least tool is wordcounter.io word counter. It is a totally free word counter tool with remarkable features.


The final words are, you must use an online word counter if you have to face the limit of your content as well as it helps you to write the content according to the topic when you know the exact length of the content.