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What is meant by URL Redirect?


URL Redirect means that redirecting the search engines and users to other websites from the original website. It redirects the users to other different websites. It is also important in the progress of the SEO of particular websites.


What is the importance of  URL Redirects and how to Check Redirects?


It is necessary to redirect the users to the other websites and it is very easy to understand because it is server based redirection. It is used for several purposes and the one of the most important purposes is that when the websites change their address most frequently it becomes necessary for the websites to redirect their users to the previous address too.


The other important aim for URL redirection is that it is used to synchronize the website to the updates techniques by the search engines.


Hence it is necessary for you to know that the 301 redirect has the most effect on the search engine optimization of your website.

The main motive of the 301 redirect is to make link equity with your website. The link equity refers to generating links with your newly developed websites. In fact, it was.


In the early days, it was considered that URL redirections had a bad and negative impact on the SEO of the website. But later, it was officially announced that websites do not have to face negative ranking for using the redirections. In fact, it proved to help in boosting the search engine optimization for your website.


What is meant by the redirect chain and how to resolve?


A redirect chain refers to many redirects on your page. It happens in such a way that one page comes on your page, then it redirected to the second page and on the third and it happens in same way. This can cause the redirect chain on your website.


Moreover, it has the bad impact on your website. Being a webmasters and web engineer, it is your responsibility to check these redirections on your page and if these are occurring on a regular basis then there is a risk for SEO of your website. Here are a few bad impacts of the redirect chain on your website.


  • It consumes much loading time and affects the speed of accessing the page.
  • It causes crawling issues for the browser or search engines.
  • Due to the redirect chain, you are risking your quality backlink profile of your website.


Hence it can be more risky than your expectations and for that WWW URL redirect checker tool was introduced. Use our AsmallSEOtools www redirect tool.


How is URL Redirect Checker necessary for SEO?


Although this tool is really necessary in increasing the traffic for your websites and also helps to improve the SEO of your website. This redirect checker makes sure that there is a bad impact of the redirection or not on your website.


 Let’s understand it with an example, if there was your one website and you changed the product as well as changed the domain name. It will impact badly on your SEO if you lost your previous audience. In this case it is necessary for you to choose the 301 redirect code.


It helps you to not lose the previous audience for your existing product.  By using this code, you are ensuring that the previous audience is redirecting to the new website. Hence it proves that redirecting in most of the ways can prove good without harming the SEO of a website.


Why is Asmallseotools Redirect Checker tool the best?


Our tools are one of the best tools found on the internet. Our tool is really reliable and it is mostly used by the webmasters and webengineers. The main reason is that it is totally free for all types of users and provides quality based results to their users.


How to use Redirect Checker Tool?


Asmallseotools redirect tool is quietly simple and providing the extraordinary result to their users. It is not really difficult for their users to use this tool. The very first step is go on the particular page.


After that enter the URL of a particular website you want to see the URL redirections. Then press the submit button and within seconds you would be able to get your excellent result by using our tool.


Top 5 Best Redirect checker Tools:


There are few tools in the following and these are ranked by the google:


  1. is one of the popular website on the internet that provide the Redirect checker. It is mostly uses by the webmasters and bloggers to check the redirection on their webpages. Moreover it is freely find on the internet.


  1. URL Redirect Checker:  The top second tool ranked by the google is I found the best redirection checker on the internet. This is also freely available on the internet and it is an excellent checker.


  1. is the famous site for redirect checker. It has a simple and easy interface that attracts most of their users. It is ranked third by the google.


  1. SmallSEOtools Redirect Checker: SmallSEOtools is the set of various useful SEO tools. That is why it is getting famous in the world of the internet. Google ranked the it on the four number but I have to replace the redirect checker. Then I will definitely choose this tool.


  1. Duplichecker Redirect Checker: The last but not the least tool we have is from the duplichecker website. It is ranked on the number four and it is also a famous and reliable website for SEO tools. The best thing about the tool is that it is completely free and you can use this online tool anywhere and anytime.


The final words are, knowing the redirection for your website is extremely important for the webmastres and bloggers. It is true that redirects harm the SEO for your website but using the redirection in the right way can boost the SEO of your website.