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About XML Sitemap Generator

Free XML Sitemap Generator Tool - A Small SEO Tools

What is a Sitemap and XML Sitemap?

Sitemap basically is the important file for your website that has all the necessary and important information of your website. Sitemap actually tells the search engines about the structure of your website.

It provides the multiple information about the site like pages, images and videos as well as gives the information about the relationship between them.

The sitemap provides the search engines, which files are important, where it is located and along with evaluating information.


Sitemaps are of many kinds like video sitemaps, image sitemaps, XML sitemaps and news site maps. XML sitemap is the common and important sitemap of the website.

XML sitemap is an important XMl file that keeps all the page’s valuable information. It helps the search engines to find the important files easily, also crawl them as well as assists the google to easily understand your website’s inner structure of files.


What is the importance of XML Sitemap?



Xml Sitemap is really valuable, if you are talking about the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) side.

  The high importance of the xml sitemap can be understood by the new webmasters or bloggers, because they do not have much backlinks so keeping their web pages properly indexed can tell the search engine or google better about the page and it’s important content.

This is as important as developing your website. Many search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc give the option to the webmasters to submit the sitemap of their websites too.

Hence, it helps you by Google's crawling and indexing, which highlight the important section of your webpage, and also index the frequent SERP of your websites.

The XML sitemaps are also extremely important for the large websites. This is the reason, when you have a large website and many web pages that are not connected or linked properly.

Then you must generate or create XML sitemap for your website.


Why do you need the sitemap?



If we read the google documentation, we will get to know that the XML sitemaps are very important for the websites which are extremely large, for the new websites that have few backlinks, and for the websites that use mainly social media content.

In spite of that, the need for the XML sitemap belongs to every website.

The XML sitemap helps index your important pages, so that if the website is new or old, large or small, there’s a need for an XML sitemap for every site.


What is XML Sitemap Generator Tool?



XMl sitemap generator tool is the online tool that generates XML files for your website. If you are a webmaster, and you really want your website to rank on the top, then creating an XML sitemap for your website is extremely important.

Webmasters or bloggers can generate the XML sitemap manually, but in this modern era, the shortage of the time or due to less technical knowledge about how to create the XML file.

 The online free XML sitemap generator is created. It has a clean and easy interface.


What is the purpose of XML Sitemap Generator Tool?


XML sitemap file is valuable for the website. It’s true that XML sitemap does boost your website to be ranked but the utmost purpose of the map site is that it assists the search engines or google to better understand the structure of the website as well as google find, crawl and index the most important files.


Why are our A Small SEO Tools XML Sitemap Generator Tool the best?


Hence A Small SEO Tools is a totally free tool and provides extraordinary features. It informs most of the search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo etc about the indexed web pages.

This tool is specified to meet all the necessary requirements for best SEO.

The most important and interesting thing about our tool is that it does not require any coding experience as most of the XML sitemaps required.

So, you can use our feel generating by clicking on the link

( https://www.asmallseotools.com/xml-sitemap-generator)


How to use our asmallSEOtools XML Sitemap Generator Tool?


For using our a small seo tools xml sitemap generator tool, you must have required knowledge about how you can use this super easy and powerful tool for creating the XML sitemap for your website.

So, here are following few steps:


  1. On reaching the required XML generator page, enter the correct URL of your website.
  2. Then, there are a few mandatory fields. The fields include, your required number of pages that you want to crawl, modified date, change in frequency of the pages along with the default priority field.
  3. When you enter the value in all required fields then press the button generate sitemap.
  4. After, our tool takes a few moments, and generates the authentic sitemap for your website generate.
  5. Then, you just have to save the file as an XML file. So, that the file has the extension .xml


Top 4 Best XML Sitemap Generator Tools:-


Undoubtedly, our tool is best but here we have some other recommendations for you. Following are top 4 famous and powerful XML sitemap generator:


  1. Screaming Frog XML Sitemap Generator Tool:  Screaming frog is the most powerful XML generator these days. It has provided extraordinary functionalities. Before using the screaming frog tool, you have to first download XML map site generator and it is called “SEO spider tool”. It is totally paid and costs almost $149/year.


  1. Small SEO Tools XML Sitemap Generator Tool: It is another one of the most famous XML sitemap generators. The most important thing about this, it is totally free for websites that have 500 pages.


  1. Prepostseo XML Sitemap Generator Tool:  Prepostseo is mostly famous for webmasters and freelancers. The drag and drop system makes its interface more suitable for its user.  It is totally free xml sitemap generator tool


  1. DupliChecker XML Sitemap Generator Tool:  It is another powerful tool with interactive interface. It provides the free  version to the users upto 500 pages. Simply copy and past website url and change frequency and click on submit for xml sitemap file.


The final words are,  sitemaps are extremely essential for your websites. It plays an important role by providing the relevant and correct information about your websites. So, if you improve the performance of your website by telling google to crawl on the important pages and highlighted sections of the web pages, then you must use XML sitemap generator.